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Eventful Sunshine Towers, a service by What a Blast Events, stands as a premier entity in event planning and organization, specializing in crafting memorable and enchanting events for residential condominiums of Sunny Isles Beach. Since 2013, we have diligently orchestrated an eclectic array of social events, national retirements, and religious observances across various condominiums throughout the city. Our extensive experience is fortified by a team of devoted experts who possess a profound mastery of evento planning.

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Our Vision

Eventful Sunshine Towers envisions a future where each residential celebration metamorphoses into an indelible memory. Our aspiration is to be the pinnacle choice for event planning and organization, effortlessly weaving creativity, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail.

Our Portfolio

Our success is underscored by an impressive portfolio of events that have delighted residents and left lasting impressions. From community holiday celebrations to cultural festivals and milestone occasions, Eventful Sunshine Towers has consistently delivered excellence.

Expert Personnel

Our team comprises adept and knowledgeable individuals who have honed their expertise in event planning and execution. From the initial concept to the final flourish, our staff guarantee a seamless and unforgettable experience for all participants.

Our Services

Astonishing Decorations:

Transform your spaces into captivating realms through our innovative and thematic decoration solutions. Our adept team excels at curating visually appealing setups that seamlessly embody the essence of each event. From sophisticated soirées to vibrant celebrations, our decorations harmonize with the distinctive ambience of every occasion.

Artistic Activities for Children and Youth:

Recognizing the significance of nurturing creativity and engagement among the younger members of the community, our artistic activities cater to children and young adults. We offer an expansive spectrum of interactive workshops and entertainment that captivate their imagination while fostering a platform for learning.

Dynamic Lighting, Music, and DJ Services:

Amplify the vibrancy of your events with our cutting-edge lighting systems, electrifying musical selections, and skilled DJs. Whether it's a pulsating dance floor or a tranquil atmosphere, our team crafts an immersive audiovisual experience that resonates with your attendees.

Innovative Poster and Digital Invitation Design:

Effectively convey the essence of your event to all residents through our creatively designed posters and digital invitations. Our team of adept designers crafts captivating visuals that encapsulate the theme and spirit of the occasion, ensuring that all guests are enthused and captivated.

Proposed Event Ideas

Cultural Fusion Festival:

Celebrate the kaleidoscope of cultures in Sunny Isles Beach by orchestrating a festival that showcases the rich tapestry of ethnicities within the community. From diverse food stalls to dance performances and interactive workshops, this event serves as a resplendent celebration of unity.

Family Carnival Extravaganza:

Transform a common area into a vivacious carnival realm, replete with rides, games, and entertainment for all age groups. This event fosters communal bonds, uniting families for a day of merriment and shared laughter.

Seasonal Sensations Gala:

Host a grand gala that transitions with the seasons, each iteration capturing the quintessence of the time of year. From a blossoming spring theme to a magical winter wonderland, this event offers residents the chance to embrace diverse atmospheres.

Wellness and Mindfulness Retreat:

Promote well-being by organizing a retreat featuring meditation sessions, yoga classes, wellness workshops, and nourishing cuisine. This event empowers residents to rejuvenate, connect with neighbors, and acquire valuable self-care insights.

Sparkling 4th of July Soiree:

Celebrate American independence with a dazzling event featuring patriotic décor, live music, and engaging activities for families and friends to revel in the festive spirit.

Spooky Halloween Haunt:

Elevate Halloween with a spine-tingling event, complete with haunted décor, costume contests, eerie entertainment, and a safe trick-or-treating experience for the community's youngsters.

Joyous Holiday Gala and Year-End Celebration:

Ring in the holiday season with a glamorous gala that captures the magic of Christmas and New Year's. Think festive decorations, live entertainment, and an enchanting countdown to welcome the new year.

Passover and Hanukkah Festivities:

Craft culturally rich events that honor Passover and Hanukkah traditions, featuring symbolic decorations, storytelling, traditional dishes, and communal celebrations.

Easter Eggstravaganza:

Delight families with an egg-hunting adventure, a vibrant Easter brunch, petting zoos, and engaging crafts that celebrate the joy of Easter.

Cinco de Mayo Party:

Transform the space into a lively fiesta with vibrant Mexican décor, mariachi music, traditionalcuisine, and engaging activities that honor.

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